Our Customers

We develop and produce in series control boards, drives, sensorics, components. Which we deliver to well known customer in Germany, Europ and Worldwide.

Our domestic and foreign customers are market leaders with their products and insist on quality and trustiness.

Only this characteristic of the products bonded with common cost-benefit becomes widely accepted in their market.

For that reason we are pleased, that we can look back to long lasting cooperations with our customers.

We are engaged in the following areas:

  • comercial kitchen equip (controls and probes)
  • Secure Storage in banks (controls, motion controls, drives)
  • automatic adjustable tables for work and production (controls)
  • thermal copy machine, Thermoimaging (controls)
  • placement, production and test of electronic boards (devices and tools)
  • appliances, devices and equipment, engineering (controls, panels, electrical drives)